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Conference & Expo for Health Professionals & General Public

17-20 May 2013 University of NSW Sydney

Mindd Forum '13 Overview

Nutritional & Integrative Treatments for Environmental Illness

17-20 May

Featuring World Experts on Nutrient Therapy, Diet, Natural & Neuro Therapies

Mindd Foundation proudly invites you to the 6th Mindd International Forum 2013 to be held at the John Niland Scientia Building, University of NSW, Randwick, Sydney.

The Forum runs over four days. Lectures commence at 8:45 am on Friday 17, May and end 6:00 pm Monday 20, May.

Medical research indicates that many modern diseases including ADHD, allergies, arthritis, asthma, Autism, cancer, dementia, diabetes & heart disease are driven by environmental factors such as diet, exercise, lifestyle and pollution which can trigger inflammation, infection and auto-immune disease. Addressing these underlying causes can greatly improve physical and mental health while reducing the risk of future disease and the need for medication.

Integrative healthcare offers real solutions for the whole family by integrating principles of dietary therapy, nutrient therapy, structural support, progressive functional and naturopathic medicine, allopathic medical knowledge, neuro- behavioural therapies, and environmental & lifestyle education to restore the body's natural ability to grow, heal and prevent disease.

Mindd Forum Format

The Mindd Forum 2013 features 4 educational streams designed to inform the community and also train health professionals.

  1. Food Is Medicine

    Friday May 17

    Feed your cells for optimal physical and mental health!

    Learn how special diets tailored to the specific needs of the individual can treat and prevent disease. Nutritionists and chefs will present and demo foods that support digestion, heal the gut, strengthen immunity, fight infection, build muscle, boost IQ, improve mood, alkalinise the body, reduce inflammation and much more.

  2. Integrative Treatments for Brain-Immuno-Gut Illness

    Saturday & Sunday May 18 & 19

    Selecting and sequencing treatments is essential for best outcomes and saves time and money.

    Australian and International experts will lecture on biomedicine, nutrient therapy, diet, exercise, naturopathy, chiropractic, energy medicine, sensory integration, primitive reflexes, neuro-feedback, behavioural therapies, holistic dentistry, auditory and visual processing, neuro-development, brain repair and more.

  3. Paleolithic Principles for Wellness and Prevention

    Saturday & Sunday, May 18 & 19

    Learn to live in a way that supports optimal wellness and healthy DNA going down the generations.

    Nora Gedgaudas, U.S. author of Primal Body Primal Mind, will lead 2 days of lectures on ancestral lifestyle and physiology that supports our DNA. Learn about evolutionary biology and what our bodies do and do not require in terms of diet, exercise, hobies, habits, sleep, communication and environment.

  4. MAPS Training & Mindd Masterclass for Practitioners

    Saturday-Monday, May 18-20, 2013

    The US based Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs will be training Australian practitioners to ensure they are at the forefront of emerging science and clinical research. MAPS is a vigorous course of study that prepares health professionals to deliver quality biomedical, evidence-based care for children with developmental conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, learning delay and more...

Forum Objectives

  • Bring together International and Australian leaders in the fields of Nutrition, Biomedicine, Allied and Neuro Therapies.
  • Educate more parents & carers to effectively select sequence and manage treatments in the most time-efficient and financially viable way.
  • Inform professionals in cutting-edge biomedical and dietary treatments to establish the vital foundation for cellular health.
  • Educate teachers and the community to identify affected children and then refer them to trained Integrative professionals who can help.
  • Develop networks of practitioners to practice Integrative Healthcare across Australia.
  • Educate Australasian manufacturers to drive product innovation.


  • Immune System Dysregulation in Autism, ADHD, Allergies & More
  • Patterns of Modern Disease in Children; Toxicity, Inflammation, Oxidative Stress
  • Mitochondrial Disease in The Childhood Epidemics (Cellular Health)
  • Understanding the Gut and How It Effects The Brain
  • Learning and Behavioural Disorders as Misdiagnosed Food Allergies
  • Integrating Treatments for Best Outcomes
  • Autism is Treatable & Recovery is Possible
  • Paleo Principles for Wellness and Prevention
  • Special Diets for Treatment & Prevention
  • Eating and living according to our DNA
  • Brain repair & neuro plasticity
  • Neuro therapies; neuro-feedback, sensory integration, sound therapy, behavioural optometry, fast forward occupational therapy.
  • Behavioural therapies; Sonrise, RDI, ABA
  • Oxygen therapy; hyperbaric and intermittent hypoxy therapies
  • Holistic dentistry
  • Weston Price Principles
  • Inflammation & oxidative stress in chronic disease
  • Endocrine abnormalities
  • Methylation & Sulfation
  • Nutrigenomics & epigenetics
  • Biofilms
  • Mauve Factor (Pyroluria)
  • Common patterns in modern disease; cancer, heart disease, dementia, arthritis

Who should attend?

  • Carers
  • Parents
  • Health Professionals
  • Educators
  • Psychologists
  • Doctors
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Paediatricians
  • Nurses
  • Naturopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Dieticians
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Public health professionals
  • Health-oriented Business Owners
  • Policy-makers
  • Scientists and Researchers
  • Pharmacists


  • 17 May
    Food Is Medicine
  • MAPS Training 18-19 May &
    Mindd Brain Health Masterclass 20 May


  • 18 -19 May
    Integrative Treatments for Brain-Immuno-Gut Illness Sessions

    (Carer Education)

  • 18 -19 May
    Paleo Principles for Wellness & Prevention


University of NSW, Kensington Campus
John Niland Scientia Building
Gate 11 Botany Street

John Niland Scientia Building map. Download here

University of NSW map. Download here


Parking is available on site. Park in the multi-level parking station. Please enter via
Gate 11 Botany St to access the parking station. On Saturday and Sunday parking is free.


For other good deals visit

17-20 May 2013 University of NSW Sydney
www.wotif.com www.lastminute.com www.hotelclub.com


The Mindd International Forum is RACGP QI & CPD Programme Approved for Category 2 Points( 2 points per hour) to a maximum of 30 points.

The Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA), awards 1 CPD/CPE point for each seminar hour.

The Mindd International Forum may be eligible for claiming CPD hours in accordance with the Osteopathy Board of Australia (OBA) CPD Guidelines. Osteopaths will need to determine which sessions are within your scope of practice. Please ensure that you record of your attendance and maintain your CPD documentation on Australian Osteopathic Association website.

The Complementary Medicine Association (CMA), awards 1 CPE point per hour of training.

The Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA), offers 1 CPE point per hour of attendance.


In order to receive your certificate of training and to be listed on the Mindd website you must attend the following; MAPS Practitioner Training (Saturday & Sunday) and the MINDD-Masterclass (Monday).


Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Services

Do you need to know about what community, residential aged care, disability and other support services are available in your area?

This directory contains an extensive list of service providers - including the range of services they offer and their contact details.
There are over 30,000 service providers and over 100,000 related services listed in the directory. Because of the large number of services listed, you may experience some delays in searching this site.

For further assistance, please Freecall 1800 052 222* to speak with your nearest Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre.

Web: http://www9.health.gov.au/ccsd/index.cfm


Dr Martha Herbert will lead a Masterclass for Mindd practitoner training on Monday May 20 as part of the Mindd-MAPS certified training. Topics will include Whole Body Strategies for Brain optimisation and repair by Dr M Herbert, Autonomic Nervous System, Hormones & Stress by Dr C. Yeoh, Epigenitcs and Nutragenomics by Michael Fenech PhD, Optimising Mitochondrial & Neurological Membranes for Enhanced Brain Function by Paul Mannion, The Teeth, Jaw & Brain & Homotoxicology by David Heffron DDS & Australian Case Studies on ADHD, Autism, Learning & Mood Disorders.

Doctors Q & A

Doctors Data and OxyHealth are proud to host an evening of Questions & Answers with some of the world's foremost experts on Biomedical Intervetion in Neuro-developmental disorders. Parents, educators and practitioners (who have purchased Mindd Forum tickets) are invited to enjoy a complementary dinner while Dr Dan Rossignol and Dr Elizabeth Mumper answer questions along with a panel of Australian practitioners and experienced parents.





In order to receive CPD points and certification you must attend all three days of MINDD- MAPS Science (Practitioner) sessions.


Included in the price of your ticket is morning tea, lunch and a Forum Reader with all PowerPoint presentations.


To book tickets for the Forum on line please click on the 'Purchase Tickets Here' icon. If you have any queries about the Forum relating to schedules, speakers, content and more please call Mindd Foundation on (02) 9327 1847.


All Refunds will incur an administration charge of 25% of ticket/tickets purchased.
No Refunds eligible on cancellations inside 24hrs of the Event.
Thank you.


MIFOC 2013 PRICING (17 - 20 MAY)

MAPS Practitioner Training *

(Saturday & Sunday)

Biomedical Intervention for Childhood Disorders $875 Early Bird**
$950 Full Rate
MAPS STUDENT Practitioner Training *

(Saturday & Sunday)

Biomedical Intervention for Childhood Disorders $600 Student Early BIrd
$675 Student Full Price
Mindd Practitioner Master Class *


-Understanding the Brain - Dr Martha Herbert, PhD, Harvard
-Australian Case Studies
$225 One Price
Food Is Medicine


Lectures & cooking demos for parents, carers, practitioners $115 Early Bird**
$135 Full Price

(Saturday & Sunday)

Lecturers for parents, carers, teachers & general public $190 Early Bird**
$230 Full Price

(Saturday Only)

Lecturers for parents, carers, teachers & general public $95 Early Bird**
$115 Full Price

(Sunday Only)

Lecturers for parents, carers, teachers & general public $95 Early Bird**
$115 Full Price
Paleolithic Principles

(Saturday & Sunday)

Lectures for General Public $240 Early Bird**
$270 Full Price
Paleolithic Principles

(Saturday Only)

Lectures for General Public $130 Early Bird**
$150 Full Price
Paleolithic Principles

(Sunday Only)

Lectures for General Public $130 Early Bird**
$150 Full Price
Kids Health 1st Reception

(Friday evening)

Mindd Benefit
Mindd Benefit -10 guests, branding,
$75 Individual
$5000 Corporate
Saturday Night Q & A

MAPS doctors answer parents

FREE hosted by Doctors Data & Hyperbaric Free
Practitioner MAPS Training (Sat-Sun)
Master Class (Mon)
Food Is Medicine (Fri)
Kids Health 1st, Speakers Reception (Fri eve)
$1160 Early Bird
$1245 Full Price
Student Practitioner Package MAPS Training (Sat-Sun)
Master Class (Mon)
Food Is Medicine (Fri)
Kids Health 1st, Reception (Fri eve)
$915 Early Bird
$995 Full Price
Carer Package Food Is Medicine( Fri)
Brain-Immuno-Gut (Sat & Sun)
Kids Health 1st, Reception (Fri eve)
$340 Early Bird
$395 Full Price
Paleo Package Food Is Medicine (Fri)
Paleo Principles (Sat-Sun)
Kids Health 1st, Reception (Fri eve)
$405 Early Bird
$460 Full Price
** Early Bird rates until February 14


Mindd Foundation invites you to join us in offering a warm welcome to our distinguished panel of speakers for the Mindd Forum 2013. The evening will include canapés and entertainment as well as an auction and raffle with funds going to support our efforts to fast-track Integrative treatments to Australian children.


Opportunities to be a sponsor & exhibit at the Mindd Forum are now available. Please contact Alexis Parszos on (02) 9327 1847 or alexis@mindd.org with the subject: 'MIFOC '13 Sponsorship/Exhibitor enquiry'. To avoid disappointment please express your interest as soon as possible. Applications are subject to approval by Mindd Foundation.

Mindd Foundation gratefully acknowledges the vision and leadership of the following companies and organisations in recognising the need for the private sector to support a health paradigm that will allow all children the chance to reach their full potential.